Aisling Bradfield, FSAI
Actuary, Policyholder Behaviour - Research & Development

​Aisling is responsible for Policyholder Behaviour R&D as part of SCOR’s Life R&D function. She works for SCOR Global Life Reinsurance Ireland and is based in the Dublin office. She has been with SCOR for seven years.

In her current role Aisling focuses on improving the understanding of policyholder behavior risks in new business deals and SCOR’s inforce portfolio. Aisling has managed projects as part of SCOR’s R&D initatives to inform best estimate derivation and capital modelling for policyholder behavior risks. She has also presented on policyholder behavior topics.

Upon first joining SCOR, Aisling worked as a pricing actuary assessing new business proposals across a wide range of products and international markets. She was promoted to Deputy Head of Business Development for SCOR Global Life Reinsurance Ireland in 2015.

Aisling graduated from University College Dublin, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial and Financial Studies. She is a Fellow of the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries in Ireland.

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