SOLEM® – New and Improved Underwriting Manual
September  2014

​​​​​​​​​There’s a joke in the industry: If you ask a life insurance specialist what one plus one equals, the answer will depend on whom you ask. The insurance accountant will confidently reply, “Two!” The actuary will pause and say “Well, that depends…” Meanwhile the underwriter will quickly answer, “Three!” We have achieved a “three” by creating Solem Americas from two separate underwriting manuals. 

Better Access, Currency and Content Relevance
As users become acquainted with the new underwriting manual (under SCOR’s SOLEM brand), several features should become evident quickly.

User FriendlyImproved search functions                                                Consistent format                                                              Related information      
Enhanced Financial ChapterFor both Canadian and US clients
Reinforces the AmericasUsed by all SCOR Global Life operations in the Americas  
Mortality ratings for US, Canada                                        Morbidity ratings for Latin America
Competitive Ratings

Provided opportunity to review rationale behind ratings for each major impairment                                                      
Based on our greatly expanded medical and non-medical database                              

Global Effort

Branded to reflect SCOR Solem brand                                     Valuable input from across SCOR Global Life

A Refreshed Look and Feel
While content is of paramount importance, the delivery of that information must be intuitive and easy to follow. We examined the underlying technology and user appearance of both manuals with a goal of creating a system that is both readable for the user and flexible enough to be revised as needs arise.

To learn more about the content and functionality of our new manual please contact either your account executive or me. We are excited to share the new underwriting manual with you and look forward to your feedback. ∞