Life Reimagined Engagement hero


​Ecosystem-based partnerships enhance the value of life insurance and broadens product appeal. Creating new products and improving services for underserved communities increases accessibility to those who need life insurance the most.

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  • Making life insurance easier to obtain at affordable prices
SCOR’s Agile transformation has helped
us weather the pandemic far better than
we could have done without that agility.
We are ready to continue providing essential reinsurance services that
ensure our industry’s resilience.

Life insurers have long struggled to engage new customers and stay connected to existing ones. Faced with these challenges, it’s no surprise that health and wellness programs are emerging as a promising new approach to customer engagement. 

Rethinking All that We Do

Every industry, including life insurance, seems to be on the verge of massive transformation.  We need to challenge ourselves to rethink everything we do…At SCOR, our goal is to be your innovation partner and trusted advisor in managing risk and developing solutions that leverage advancements in data, analytics, insurtech ecosystems and more.