Life Reimagined Wellness hero


​Explorations and experimentation target the development of new business models that deliver innovative health and wellness solutions to drive new sales, manage risk more effectively and/or improve operational efficiently. 


  • Partnership to drive healthier outcomes for policyholders
  • Pilot program to identify and intervene earlier against cancers

Let's Get it Straight: We Can Bend the Diabetes Mortality Arc

Life insurance companies are uniquely positioned to assist policyholders in their lifetime journeys of managing their health and risks of early death. By engaging with policyholders and providing tools, education and individualized encouragement, life insurance companies can impact the quality and duration of their policyholders' lives. 

When offering a new product or a
service, engagement with the target customer is key.
When the service is
a health incentive program, we want
customers to engage with program initially as well as adopt the healthy behaviors promoted by the program long into the future.
Partnerships – both inside and outside the industry – are a critical element of new business models taking shape across the industry. Alliances are being formed to modernize the entire value chain