SCOR considers that all employees play an important role in the ultimate performance and competitiveness of the group.  SCOR is focused on attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent.

Career & Personal Development
With our individual career development, we support our employees in achieving their full potential. As a forward-looking company, SCOR is committed to support their employees in their personal development. SCOR values continuing education for its employees as a strategic investment in its future. Individual personnel development programs ensure that employees are placed in the right job where they can meet their own goals, achieve their full potential and serve SCOR best.

Internal Mobility
SCOR offers to its employees challenges across its global organization. As an international company with offices on five continents, we believe moving among sectors, functions and regions is an important part of a person’s career development. We offer global access to all job openings within the company, so that our employees can actively manage their careers by seeking new opportunities.

Corporate Citizenship
SCOR is conscious of our societal responsibility towards local communities and the environment. We support employees’ interest in making an impact in our internal and external communities by implementing special programs.

SCOR offers a variety of benefits to its employees depending on the country of employment.  Benefits may include

  • Voluntary health insurance
  • Benefits in case of disability or death
  • Retirement benefits
  • Paid time off