Message from the Life Americas CEO: Adapting to Market Forces and New Technology
July  2017

​Disruption generally creates new markets or reshapes existing ones. We see the full force of this dynamic in the medical insurance market where ongoing reform efforts are changing the course of U.S. healthcare.

Kelly Munger, Senior Vice President of SCOR’s Group Reinsurance business, is interviewed in this issue of SCORviews. Kelly explains why, in the midst of an unsettled environment, SCOR sees opportunity in the medical reinsurance market. As Kelly notes, the response to SCOR’s market entry has been very positive, confirming our contention that participants need experienced, financially strong reinsurance partners who understand their business and can help navigate through the changes that are occurring in the marketplace.

Also in this issue, Peter Komsthoeft, Vice President of Underwriting Research, reviews the value of criminal history checks, especially for accelerated underwriting programs. SCOR’s R&D team has studied the effectiveness of criminal history data and finds significant protective value in the use of this affordable underwriting evidence.

The SCOR Velogica team has integrated criminal history data into the Velogica infrastructure, enabling clients to automatically access this data and factor it into an instant underwriting decision. Our work with criminal history checks is part of a larger commitment and investment in R&D to help clients manage mortality risk and implement technology-driven solutions.

Rounding out this issue of SCORviews, Market Researcher Hiroe Noonan offers observations on the sustained growth of whole life insurance. Hiroe sees more behind the favorable growth trends than low interest rates and traditional protection buys.

As always, we value our relationship with your company. Our number one priority is to understand your business needs so that we can offer support in meeting your company’s growth and profitability objectives.