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Focusing Top Talent on Underwriting Solutions
April  2018

​Underwriting expertise and innovation are core tenets of SCOR’s client solutions strategy. Our goal is to be a flexible asset for your company for support in assessing and covering large and impaired risks, evaluating the usefulness of electronic data and partnering with you on automated and accelerated programs.

To address your changing needs and help fill gaps, we direct a wide range of expert talent toward the development of underwriting solutions. SCOR teams at work on these endeavors include…

  • Life Research & Development, which has its finger on the pulse of industry innovation and accelerated underwriting,
  • Facultative Underwriting, providing medical expertise and traditional underwriting support, and
  • Velogica® and its team of specialists that support SCOR’s tool for executing automated underwriting in both traditional and accelerated programs.

These teams bring specialized skills and insight to all aspects of life underwriting, ensuring that you have the best talent – including actuarial, medical, data and technology – focused on your underwriting priorities.

We look forward to joining clients and other industry colleagues in Chicago for the annual conference of the Association of Home Office Underwriters. I’m sure this year’s agenda will drive home the reality that our industry – and underwriting in particular – is undergoing a major transformation.

There is widespread consensus that life insurers can and must modernize underwriting processes to deal with aging distribution channels and changing consumer expectations. This places new demands on individual underwriters but also creates opportunities for professional growth.

In this issue of SCORviews we interview three SCOR underwriters who are deeply involved in underwriting innovation and R&D: Cindy Mitchell, Vice President, Underwriting Research; Dawn Boitnott, Vice President, Underwriting – Velogica; and Maria Beaulieu, Assistant Vice President, New Data Development. Each began her career as a production underwriter. Their transition from traditional underwriting to roles at the frontiers of their profession reflect the challenges and opportunities that come with change.