Helping You Grow and Improve Profitability
January  2018

​I want to thank each of our clients for choosing SCOR as a reinsurance partner and giving us the opportunity to serve you in 2017. Your business makes us the largest traditional life reinsurer in the US, a ranking we strive every day to earn and deserve.

Like our clients, SCOR is positioning for success in an industry that is undergoing rapid change. That means delivering value beyond reinsurance capacity.

Our end game, as always, is to help you grow your business and improve bottom-line profitability. Whether through individual or group life reinsurance, financial solutions, risk consultation, facultative underwriting or Velogica partnerships, our success depends on how much positive impact we have on your business.

In 2018, we will continue to focus research and development on underwriting innovations and mortality analytics. Our Velogica and R&D teams will be working to enhance underwriting algorithms and testing new data sources to reduce or replace dependency on traditional risk assessment methodologies. The R&D team will also continue with
initiatives begun in 2017 to provide clients with high value mortality research.

Through SCORviews, we will share key learnings and activities with you. In this year’s first issue, Tammy Kapeller, Head of US Markets, discusses the top themes we heard from our clients in 2017. The topics on her list are sure to be priorities in the year ahead.

Dr. Richard Braun, Chief Medical Director of SCOR in the Americas, looks at the role of medical innovation in mortality improvement. He advises us to think more broadly than blockbuster pharmaceutical or cutting edge surgical procedures. “Mortality,” he says, “is a three-legged stool, and improved treatment of disease is only one of the legs. The other
two legs, often overlooked, are disease prevention and early detection.”

We’re also announcing an alliance with data giant Lexis Nexis. This relationship, along with SCOR’s investment in Plug & Play and the B3i Blockchain Initiative, demonstrates our commitment to new technology-inspired solutions.

On behalf of everyone at SCOR, let me express our best wishes for 2018. The new year promises to be packed full of change and the challenges and opportunities that come with it. We look forward to being with you along the way.