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Rethinking All We Do
January  2020

As we enter the new decade, every industry seems to be on the verge of massive transformation.  Life insurance is no exception.  To stay relevant, we need to challenge ourselves to rethink everything we do…to reimagine our processes and rules and recast the guidelines that shape our business.

In this environment, collaboration and alliances are more important than ever. At SCOR, our goal is to be your innovation partner and trusted advisor in managing risk and developing product and process solutions that leverage advancements in data, analytics, insurtech ecosystems and more. 

This edition of  SCORviews reflects our commitment to innovation and thought leadership across all areas of the business, especially underwriting and mortality risk management. For more information and insight on these topics, feel free to contact our expert authors.

Accelerated Underwriting. At SCOR, we are challenging ourselves to reimagine how we underwrite business to take advantage of innovation and create a better customer experience.  Accelerated underwriting is becoming the norm. SCOR Underwriters Thomas Ballweg and James Atkins discuss monitoring techniques that can help companies mitigate risks associated with these new underwriting processes.  

Agile Insight. From new product development to underwriting to actuarial and operational work, SCOR Agile teams collaborate across business functions to make SCOR an innovative and “agile” organization. Jennifer Nusbaun, our resident Agile expert, discusses the risks of innovation and how Agile can help life insurers mitigate them.

Mortality Risk. With one of the largest pools of mortality risk in the world, SCOR continually studies and compares our own experience with industry trends and population mortality. Actuaries Colleen Murray and Beaman Senecal share key observations in mortality trends and why life-insured mortality rates differ greatly from general population rates.

Financial Reporting. Rounding out this edition, Sean Hayward, Chief Actuary for the U.S., interviews Deloitte Partner Jason Morton on the unprecedented wave of new financial reporting requirements. They share expert opinions on the impact that these new requirements will have on managing and reporting business performance.

Clearly, things are always changing and evolving. Our goal at SCOR is to help you keep up. We look forward to working in partnership with your company as we drive toward a decade of successful transformation and continued growth and prosperity.