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Leading the Change
October  2019

Consumer expectations plus big data and InsurTech drive the changes we see in the industry and in the roles that actuaries perform. Though we must all prepare to operate in a much different world than what we have thrived in, actuaries are on the leading edge of change.

This issue of SCORviews demonstrates how actuaries are transitioning into new roles and collaborating with functional areas inside their companies and with new players from outside the industry.

James Lynch, Head of Americas Data Analytics, and Greg Tolleson, a data scientist working in our Knowledge Center, discuss the future of predictive modeling in life insurance and the potential of data and machine learning to improve the accuracy of forecasting outcomes.

Interviews with three SCOR actuaries illustrate how the profession is evolving and expanding.
  • Chief Actuary Sean Hayward says the demands of regulatory changes fostered the industry’s approach to using data and technology, and he encourages today’s actuaries to expand their business perspectives.
  • James Lynch shares how good timing and personal interests helped him carve out a fulfilling career path at the intersection of actuarial and data sciences.
  • Manisha Dias, who leads business development with our Strategic Partnership team, explains how curiosity, creativity and customer-centricity elevate an actuary’s nontraditional career opportunities.
In this issue, you’ll also get a preview of the sixth Global Consumer Study, conducted by SCOR affiliate ReMark. The study, entitled “Beyond Life: The Experience of Living,” takes the pulse of consumer health to examine the burgeoning desire for wellness solutions, applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence – developments that are attracting attention from both consumers and the industry.

We hope to see many of you at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Actuaries in Toronto. SCOR, a regular sponsor of the meeting, is also well represented in the sessions. You’ll find a list of SCOR speakers on the back cover of this edition. And, as always, we are pleased to host the Women’s Leadership Session and Luncheon. This is our 13th year as sponsor, and we have an especially good session featuring EY’s Kris Pederson, who will discuss purpose-driven innovation.