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Innovation Brings New Relevance to Life Insurance
August  2018

​Life insurers and reinsurers are investing in innovation at a pace and level of commitment
not seen before. The goal is to transform not only the way we do business but also – and
more importantly – why we do business.

Some of the most exciting ventures in innovation involve health and wellness programs
directed at both new and inforce policyholders. Working with insurtech partners, life
insurers are redefining life insurance, expanding its value beyond financial benefits to
include features that help policyholders live longer and healthier lives. It’s a win-win value

To help our clients in these endeavors, SCOR is pursuing partnerships and investments
in innovation that promote health and wellness, create paths to sustained customer
engagement and, ultimately, improve mortality experience. In June SCOR launched SCOR Life & Health Ventures with a mission to bring complementary offerings to our Life and Health clients. For example, SCOR Life & Health Ventures has a strategic partnership with iBeat, makers of the iBeat Heart Watch that continually monitors users’ heart activity.

In this issue of SCORviews, Rick Pretty, Senior Vice President of Life Research and
Development, looks at the health and wellness movement and shares some of the more
promising industry initiatives already launched or in pilot stages.

Also in this edition, Dr. Bill Rooney, Vice President and Medical Director, addresses another topic at the intersection of innovation and life insurance – genetic testing. In keeping with a health and wellness theme, Bill looks at the ways genetic testing can influence the detection and management of hereditary disease.

Another area of business where SCOR is increasing our resources and solution set is
Financial Solutions. We began to increase our footprint in this segment in 2017 when
Alan Routhenstein joined SCOR as Senior Vice President and Head of Financial Solutions. In a SCORviews interview, Alan shares his perspective about the state of the US financial reinsurance market and SCOR’s plans for expanding its capabilities in this arena.

As always, if you’d like more information on these and other topics, please feel free to
contact our authors, your SCOR account executive or me.