Traffk Brings Hero Life Insurance Platform to Market
Insurtech startup Traffk has launched Hero Life Insurance, an innovative insurance solution empowering brokers and agents to compete in the digital insurance marketplace. Hero Life was born as the result of a strategic alliance with SCOR, the world’s fourth largest reinsurer, to develop alternative business lines with new digital players. Policies are underwritten by Assurity Life Insurance Company, A- (Excellent) by AM Best. This collaboration ensures Hero Life customers are backed by two of the most trusted names in the insurance industry.

SCOR announces collaboration with Onuu
Onuu, an all-in-one banking and insurance solution, announced its first round of partnerships with some of the most innovative and trusted companies globally, including Visa and AAA Life Insurance. These partners are laying the foundation for Onuu’s offerings, which will include access to products and services for the approximately 166 million Americans currently underserved by the country’s financial system.

SCOR and subsidiary ReMark announce agreement with Atidot on new in-force performance solution for life insurers
SCOR and its subsidiary ReMark announce that they have signed an agreement with Atidot on a solution designed to increase in-force business value for life insurers. The innovative digital solution will deliver significant value for the partners’ clients by better predicting policyholder behavior and developing engaging marketing strategies to retain customers.

SCOR makes follow-up investment in BioSerenity
SCOR has made a follow-on investment in BioSerenity, a French-based innovative medical technology company focused on Healthcare as a service, IoMT, artificial intelligence and real-world evidence in neurology, sleep medicine, and cardiology. BioSerenity provides remote diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers and patients in the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. This second investment in BioSerenity pursues SCOR’s value proposition of making Life insurance more accessible and desirable by simplifying the medical underwriting process for the consumer, and by helping people to live healthier and longer lives.

Leverage EHRs for accelerated Life insurance underwriting
As life insurers pursue more digitized customer experiences to meet rising consumer expectations, the race is on to make better use of electronic health records (EHRs) for accelerated, non-invasive underwriting. This new guide from Verisk and SCOR can help you learn how to collect a useful volume of EHR data, separate structured from unstructured daa and drive digital transformation.

Ash, Ameritas and SCOR reveal new instant decision term life 
Ash Brokerage, Ameritas and SCOR announce a new next-generation term life insurance product, Ash Instant term issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. This innovative digital product is available to Ash advisors through the Ash Term Express platform. Together, the product and platform are transforming the life insurance landscape.

SCOR supports Verisk EHR Triage Engine Plus 
Obtaining life insurance could soon become quicker and easier with the launch of an automated solution from Verisk, a leading global data analytics provider. Developed with SCOR’s support, Verisk’s new EHR Triage Engine Plus leverages natural language processing and artificial intelligence to distill critical insights from medical notes in lengthy, consumer-authorized, electronic health records.

SCOR announces collaboration with Bayer and One Drop 
SCOR has announced a collaboration with the Life Science company Bayer and One Drop, a leader in digital solutions for people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions, to bring One Drop’s AI-powered digital health platform to life insurance carriers and policyholders across the United States. This joint effort aims to empower people to proactively manage their health through innovative products and to reduce the risk of life-threatening complications from medical conditions. 

SCOR participates in SOA Group Life pandemic mortality study 
Tom Britt, VP, Actuary, SCOR Global Life & Accident Pricing, contributed to the recently published Group Life COVID-19 Mortality Survey results. The report published by the Society of Actuaries compares group term life mortality results during the pandemic to prior period results. The report’s datasets include all group term life claims for calendar years 2017-2020 as of August 30, 2020, representing more than 1.4 million claims and over $70 billion in earned premium. 

SCOR, Covr Financial Technologies and Americo Life launch LoanMatch Protector  
LoanMatch Protector product is an innovative life insurance policy customized to a consumer's specific loan amortization schedule. Loan originators and brokers offer the product during or after the loan closing process. LoanMatch Protector can be digitally integrated into any platform that an loan originator or broker uses, which makes it easier for consumers to apply and receive approval.

SCOR Global Life Americas releases Velogica® 5.0: The next iteration of innovative underwriting solution for life insurance
Latest Velogica aims to help protect families by facilitating easily acquired life insurance at affordable prices while integrating most advanced evidence sources digitally

Innovative term life Insurance provides monthly benefit
SCOR joins Haven Life and Afficiency to launch a radically innovative insurance option in the U.S. Called Haven Secure, this new term life insurance product provides a monthly financial benefit to the families of policyholders. Coverage aims to match a policyholder’s salary for a more intuitive purchase. The policy is underwritten in real-time to provide an instant decision on coverage eligibility – and if approved, customers’ coverage begins immediately.

This latest partnership demonstrates SCOR’s leadership to help make life products more relevant and desirable for end consumers.

SCOR supports Verisk's new technology to help streamline the U.S. Life underwriting process
In an era of increased amounts of electronic data and competitive advantages of fast underwriting decisions, SCOR recently partnered with Verisk, a leading data analytics provider, to develop a new tool that helps Life insurers to fast track applications, by using data from consumer-authorized electronic health records (EHRs). 
The EHR Triage Engine streamlines the manual underwriting workflow – reducing decision time from weeks to minutes. The tool bypasses manual workflows, leveraging advanced predictive analytics and automation to digitally ingest and analyze EHRs. It can evaluate 95,000 impairments in five minutes or less, so Life insurers can qualify as much as 85 percent of applicants for coverage with minimal or no underwriter review.