​​​The pace of change in the Life insurance market is unlike anything we’ve experienced in the past. New and instant sources of data on individuals are replacing traditional underwriting requirements. And sophisticated modeling techniques are being used to analyze mortality experience and project policyholder behavior.

SCOR has responded to these market changes in the United States by expanding our Research & Development initiatives so that we can better assist and partner with our client companies. Our team of actuaries, underwriters, data scientists and statisticians focuses R&D efforts in two broad functional areas: underwriting innovation and risk analytics.

Underwriting Innovation
Innovation driven by technology and new data sources profoundly impacts the life insurance industry today. SCOR has made considerable investment in R&D so that we can help our clients incorporate technology and data sources into their daily processes. Alternative data sources which serve as proxy for traditional underwriting evidence can help predict and stratify mortality.

Mortality Risk Analytics
SCOR has also significantly expanded our R&D capabilities to leverage our large experience database to better understand underlying drivers of mortality, policyholder behavior and emerging trends. Our goal is to deliver relevant, high value research for our clients to make business decisions that help improve performance. By sharing data and working together to analyze mortality experience, we can better collaborate on future product development and overall risk management.